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Introducing New Product: 

Vlier - Hexnose Plungers


Vlier's new hexnose stainless steel plungers allow easy adjustments with a standard socket wrench plunger ends or standard end wrench.


Features and Benefits:


  • Hexagonal nose design
  • Case hardened plunger
  • Fast installation or removal
  • Steel black oxide finish

                            For more information: Vlier's Website




Introducing New Product:

PEM - PESERT self- clinching stainless steel flush nuts for sheet metal




 PEM’ s new stainless-steel flush nuts for thin sheet metals will provide thread strength incomparable to the competition. This solution is best suited for application attachment where thin sheet metals require load-bearing threads that are stronger than tapped holes. They can be installed before sheet bending and forming, providing threads for mating hardware where otherwise would have been inaccessible. The hexagonal head and clinch technology ensures torsional strength and high axial in service. The nuts install permanently, and will never loosen or fall out. Resulting in surfaces being unmarred to ensure the functional and cosmetic qualities of assemblies.

The product line includes PEMSERT F™ 300 Series stainless steel types for installation into steel or aluminum sheets and PEMSERT F4™ heat-treated 400 Series stainless steel versions specifically designed for installation into 300 Series stainless steel sheets.


Available thread sizes:

#2-56 through ¼-20

M2 through M6


For more information on this product, please check out the detail technical data sheet: data sheet





Introducing New Product:

Southco - Display Mounts

Southco has designed a line of display mounts and positioning arms that have zero-drift, grab-and-position operation. These reliable mounts limit the amount of maintenance and adjustments needed. Each mount has an enclosed counterbalance system that creates optimal upkeep and clean ability for each application.  The precision tilt and swivel features allow for infinite angle options creating the optimal solution                              


Pems new  for your applications movement needs. For more information on these products, please visit


Options Available: 

Tilt Display Mount

Tilt and Swivel Display Mount

Tilt, Swivel, and Swing Out Arm


Introducing New Product:

PEM - SMTSS™ ReelFast® SNAP-TOP® Standoff Fasteners



PEM's new line of SMTSS standoffs eliminate the need for loose threaded hardware in circuit board assemblies.  The standoffs are installed in the same fashion and at the same rate as traditional SMT components. This standoff solution comes on tape and reel and is compatible with existing SMT automated installation equipment creating a streamlined production. Operations become more efficient without the need for a secondary install process or a malfunction of any sort. 


Available in unified lengths .250” or .375” and metric lengths 6mm, 8mm, or 10mm. They will install reliably in boards and panels as thin as .060” and 1.53mm.



                                      For more information: Reelfast Standoffs






Introducing New Product:

RAF -Large Diameter Clear Hole Spacers


RAF has created a new line of clear hole spacers that are 1", 1-1/4" and 1-1/2" in diameter. Spacers are available in a variety of materials and sizes. They fit a variety of markets including: aerospace, defense, industrial and many more.



Specifications:                               Materials:                          

Outside Diameters:                                        Aluminum

1", 1-1/4" and 1-1/2"                                                             Brass

Inside Diameters:                                           Stainless Steel

0.505", 0.625", 0.750", and 1.000"                                     Steel

Space Length:                                                 Nylon

3/8" - 2" 


Finishes Include:

  • Zinc Clear         
  • Anodize
  • Zinc Yellow            
  • Clear
  • Cadmium               
  • Iridite
  • Passivation            
  • Gold Iridite
  • Nickel              


                                                           For More Information:

Product Spotlight:

Pentair Schroff - Small Form Factor Cases



Pentair Schroff has created a full line of small form factor cases that are the perfect solution for small, one board applications. These small form cases are versatile in fitting both non-standard and standard boards. Cases come in multiple styles, size and materials with the same benefits including; cooling, EMC, and IP protection as before. 


Industries that can most benefit are:

Digital Signage


Commercial Kiosks

Machine control systems



For more information, please visit:  Pentair Schroff



Introducing New Product:

PEM ®-  TY-D self-clinching cable tie-mounts and hooks




This solution attaches wires and cables securely to metal chassis and enclosures, eliminating the need for adhesives or screws. This solution is installed into thin steel and aluminum panels, which will help create more optimize and efficient layouts. Panels remain smooth without protrusions and improve appearance and fit clearance requirements and prevent against EMI/RFI interference. The tie-mount allows fast install while the hook allows the user to remove, attach and return wires to the panels.


For more information, please see:





Introducing: Bossard Design Center Opening


"We are happy to announce that Bossard Americas is opening a first-of-its-kind design center in the Silicon Valley. As you may know, there are five businesses which form Bossard Americas: Aero-Space Southwest, Bossard Canada, Bossard Mexico, Bossard North America, and the newly acquired Arnold Industries.




The Bossard Design Center is a 10,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility that houses a signature 22-seat seminar theater, space to showcase products and technologies, and a complete application test lab. Here, we can promote and demonstrate products to some of the world’s most influential design engineers.


This center will allow us to test and demonstrate products in real-time, and it will allow us to take a step forward with our company and our suppliers. The official opening took place on April 26th." -



Introducing New Product:

Southco - Intergrated Electronic Locking Swinghandle that supports proximity and smart


Southco’s new H3-EM 65 Series Electronic Locking Swing handle provides an integrated HID SE® smart card reader. This intelligently integrated lock supports many RFID readers, creating higher level security allowing and by creating an easy transition into keyless entry point systems in the future. This enhanced locking system fits industry standard panel preps for easy installation. For more information visit:    


Introducing New Product:

Accuride - 9300 Enhanced Heavy-Duty Slide Series




Accuride has enhanced their heavy-duty slide line to be stronger and more efficient. These new enhancements include: less migration, less noise and a load rating up to 600 lbs. Also added were shock absorbing ball space bumpers to reduce the end stop.  These heavy-duty slides are perfect solution for the automotive industry.


Advantages:- Load rating up to 600 lb.           

 - Drawers up to 42" wide

 -  .75" (19.1 mm) side space

 - non-disconnect

 - Clear zinc finish 

 - Available in even lengths 10"-36". 40", 42", 48", 54", 60"


Models include:

Mondel 9301 E

Model 9307E Lockout

Model 9308E Lock-in & Lock-out

Model 9308-E5 Special Packaging 

Model 9328E Pocket & Bayonet Mounting NIn-locking Companion Slide


For more information, please visit




Introducing New Product:

Laird™ - Total Magnetic Solution for On Board Charger (OBC)

RoHS Compliant

 MCP-DS-OBC Total Magnetic Solution 032917



This efficient product combines 3 components (choke, inductor, transformer) into an all-in-one solution that is optimal for On Board Chargers (OBC). With these new capabilities in design and manufacture, Laird can support 3.6KW, 7.2KW, 11KW OBC designs or even higher power rating for faster charging speed for EV.  This solution is space saving and cost effective while still upholding functionality and safety compliance.  Customer designs are available to fit your applications needs.


Benefits include: 

  • Easy to assemble
  • Enable higher power efficiency and faster charging speed for EV
  • Combination designs will save board space and enable more compact design


  • Ferrite based or metal alloy based according to specific design
  • Magnetic shielded and robust construction
  • Comply with UL and IEC safety regulations
  • Operating temperature -40C to 125C (including self-heating)
  • Support power rating 3.6KW, 7.2KW and 11KW or even higher 
For more info on this product please visit:  

Introducing New Product: 

Southco®- LIFT-A-SYST® Counterbalance System




This system was designed specifically to control the exact weight of a heavy countertop with ease. This system includes both application positional stability and assisted lifting through a full range of motion when opening and closing the countertop. Repeatable cycle life, no need for secondary support components and simple installation process are just a few benefits that this system offers. 



  •  Building/ Construction
  •  Furniture 
  • Exhibits, Signs & Displays
  • Food Industy


For more information on the counterbalance line, please visit







Product Spotlight:

bigHead® - Fasteners for composite materials




bigHead fasteners are changing the way we bond fasteners in the lightweight manufacturing industry. With the lightweight industry being so competitive, it is import to find a solution that is robust, reliable, and cost efficient.

For the past 40 years, bigHead has been engineering customized solutions that securely bond composites with ease. With over 400 standard bighead fasteners available, finding the perfect solution for your application becomes more efficient. You can find many of these solutions in the automotive, marine and heavy industrial industry. 



- variety of materials (steel, plastic, etc.)

- surface mounted with an adhesive or injection molded into composites

-  over 400 standard bighead fasteners available

- reduces production costs.


For more information on bigHead fastenrs: bigHead





Introducing New Product:

Pentair Schroff - 260HC High Clamp Force Card LOK

The series 260HC card lok is the perfect solution for any rugged application. The card lok was designed to secure circuit boards with 3x the clamp force.  Like all shafted card loks, the Series 260HC has a ridged shafted design for a more uniform clamping force over the length of the card lok, while maintaining wedge and body alignment for easier installation. The series was made to be in a drop in replacement for the Series 260 card loks.



                                                       For more information: click here






Introducing New Product:

Southco -E3 VISE ACTION® Compression Latch Series

The new E3 Vise Action Compression latch series combines a high level of strength with a smaller design making for a more secure, vibration resistant latching system. The latch was designed for a quick, secure enclosures with space constraints and meets NEMA 4 and IP65 standards for water and dust protection.




  • Compact, shortened housing for limited space applications
  • Tested to European Standard EN45545 for fire resistance
  • Highly modular and configurable
  • Meets NEMA 4/IP65 standards






                                                                 For more information: click here




Introducing New Product:

PEM® -  Nickel Plated, Series 400, Stainless Steel Standoffs

The new self-clinching standoffs with Electroless Nickel over Copper over Nickel strike finish provide improved corrosion resistance for stainless steel sheet applications.


  • Available with blind or through-hole threads. Closed threads provide flush appearance on back side of sheet.
  • Fasteners clinch securely into stainless steel sheet with hardness up to HRB 88 / HB 183. 
  • Standoffs allow for stacking or spacing in applications where corrosion resistance is required. 
                                                    For more information: click here

Introducing New Product:

Southco®- E5 Cam Latch Prevents Accidental Opening and Keeps Dust Out


The E5 Cam latch features a drop bushing driver that provides additional security by preventing the cam from rotating open in high vibration applications. 



  • Vibration resistant design prevents accidental opening
  • Covered bushing minimizes dust and debris collection
  • Flush, low profile design for minimal protrusion and aesthetics
  • Meets NEMA 4/IP65 and EN61373 standards



                                    For more information click here



Introducing New Product:

Laird Technology®- Precision Midsized Deep Drawn Thin Gauge Capability


With empowering design & manufacturing flexibility, Laird provides extended larger size of deep drawn products perfect for larger applications.


Industries:                                      Benifits 

- Automotive                                   - cost effective

- Industrial Electronics                     - possible combo solutions i.e thermal/EMI

- Consumer electronics                    - ncreased preformance









Introducing New Product:

Pentair-Schroff®- AdvancedTCA ECO Moldular System,14 Slot, DC

This impressive modular concept allows you to have the ECO modular system in a variety of options to fit your application.  With a fan module under the board cage,  this system includes a replaceable air filter, RJ45 sockets for connecting interfaces and LEDs for displaying Telco alarms and more.







 For more information visit 



Introducing New Product:

Bossard ecosyn®-BCT

Offers versatile and high performance solutions to blind nut applications.


Bulge Control Technology (BCT), with four cross holes on the shank, determines precisely where the rivet nut will collapse allowing it to be installed in may non-conventional blind applications.



  • Provides strong threads compared to all other rivet nuts
  • Easy assembling to poorly prepared or oversized holes
  • Can be assembled into the most delicate materials, composites, plastics and other materials



New Product: MicroPEM®

MPF Fasteners 

MicroPEM®'s line of MPF fasteners are the perfect solution for compact electronics.




                                                                        For More Information Visit:  



New Product:Southco® 

R4-10 Rotary Latch

Southco®'s new rotary latch is now available in stainless steel with corrosion resistance for any environment. The R4-10 latch is available in both one and two stage designs to prevent false hinging.                                                                                    


                                                        For More Information Visit:   




New Product: POP® Avdel®


ProSert® XTN20 Hydro-pneumatic Blind Rivet Nut Tool

Introducing the latest high-speed, light-weight tool that meets the highest standards in tooling manufacturing.This high powered tool’s flexibility allows for both pull-to-stroke and pull-to stroke settings. The easy to use features are tool free allowing for easy access with quick change installation ensuring  productivity. 

                                                                               For More information visit:






 New Product: PEM®  

       New Type SMTPFLSM™ surface mount spring-loaded captive panel screws provide ease of installation and high precision positioning without loose hardware. 



                                                                  For More information visit: