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Value Added Services



Aero-Space Southwest can provide a wide range of value added services, including sophisticated technology solutions as well as customized VMI and bin stocking programs.




Smart Factory Logistics

With innovative systems and custom solutions, we bring the Internet of Things to your factory and facilitate machine-to-machine communication. Focus on your core competence while we make your C-part management leaner and more transparent. For more information on Smart Factory Logistics, please visit




SmartBin-Automatic Intelligence

Using bins and specially developed weight sensors, SmartBin constantly monitors stock levels until the minimum level is reached, at which point a predefined order quantity is shipped automatically either to the customer's warehouse or to the point of use. This ensures quick and easy availability of C-Parts while production continues.


  • No manual intervention, thus eliminating the possibility of human error enables ship-to-line, meaning that customers are free to concentrate on what they do best and creating value rather than wasting valuable time on mundane tasks.
  • Lean and flexible, allowing you to reduce the total costs of ownership.

Bossard SmartBin logistics process with sensor monitoring

  1. The parts are stored as close as possible to the point of use. Weight sensors constantly monitor stock left.
  2. Data is automatically sent to Aero-Space Southwest where it is processed. When the re-order point is reached, replenishment orders are triggered.
  3. Aero-Space Southwest selects the required quality and labels the material with the necessary customer information.
  4.  The parts are easy to identify thanks to the labels and are then forwarded to the point of use either by ASW or by the customer.


Vendor Managed Inventory

Aero-Space Southwest can help you make the most of your resources by providing custom inventory management of your fasteners, electronics, and other components that work for your operations. Vendor Managed Inventory services include:

  • Automated Electronic Replenishment Ordering (AERO)
  • Bin Stocking
  • Just In Time (JIT) Inventory
  • In-Plant Personnel
  • Kan-Ban


Kitting / Assembly

Aero-Space Southwest can perform a variety of kitting and assembly services per your specifications. We are able to manage your electronics and fastener kitting requirements as well as offer custom labeling to include your company logo and other identification information.

Consignment Inventory

Aero-Space Southwest can manage your inventory of electronics and fasteners with programs specifically designed to meet your needs while providing maximum levels of service and cost-effectiveness. Aero-Space Southwest utilizes EDI and the latest in bar code technology.

Online Order Entry

Aero-Space Southwest offers access to check stock status, enter orders, and monitor progress on previous orders. We can also make it easy for you to review invoice history thru our E-commerce application. Please contact Sales for more information.


Aero-Space Southwest prides itself on being an innovator of programs and technology to enhance our customer relationship. Our dedication to quality and the ability to listen to our customers needs have been the driving force of our I.T. programs.

Stock at our multiple distribution centers is managed by a state of the art distribution system that provides complete traceability of all products in stock or shipped to our Customers. Stock availability, pricing,  order and delivery status are provided real time for all our distribution centers. Most orders are filled from stock and shipped the same day.

Our online application provides our customers with the same detailed information for availability, pricing, and order status. From checking stock to placing an order or verifying delivery status, our online system provides a quick and easy method to do business with Aero-Space Southwest.

Aero-Space Southwest, Inc. has complete EDI capabilities using ANSI X.12 standards for exchanging a full range of transactions with vendors and customers.

We can provide custom billing and reporting packages tailored specifically for our customer’s needs. We provide a wide variety of e-mailed or faxed documents to assist our customers with their orders from start to finish.

Please contact us with regard to how we may help you with our information technology.