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STANLEY® Engineered Fastening / POP® Rivets & Heli-Coil®

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Aero-Space Southwest is proud to work with STANLEY® Engineered Fastening for supplying POP rivets and fastening products to customers all over the world.  STANLEY® Engineered Fastening manufactures some of the most well known fastening products in use by manufacturers today; from the popular POP® rivets to Heli-Coil® inserts, STANLEY® Engineered Fastening offers reliable fastening solutions in a variety of Materials.

For nearly 50 years, STANLEY® Engineered Fastening has been revolutionizing fastening and assembly technologies for a variety of industries. You are likely to find a POP rivet, countersunk rivet, Heli-Coil insert, or other fastening products in use in nearly every industry. We supply STANLEY products and solutions to a wide range of industries, including: aerospace, defense, agriculture/heavy equipment, appliances, industrial assembly equipment, automotive, construction, electronics, energy, medical, telecommunications, and transportation.

Aero-Space Southwest stocks the Emhart items most needed by today’s manufacturers, including:

Not only does STANLEY® Engineered Fastening offer a variety of high quality fasteners, they manufacture the most widely used blind rivet and insert tooling available to today’s manufacturers. With a full line of rivet tools available, POP enables customers to develop blind riveting systems that meet their requirements for both low frequency maintenance usage or automated mass production lines.

For more product specific information about STANLEY® Engineered Fastening and their full line of fasteners, please select the following link STANLEY.

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