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Aero-Space Southwest is pleased to be one of the world’s largest suppliers of Avdel®/Infastech Speed Fastening high performance tools and fasteners.  We help streamline today’s high volume manufacturing by offering a fast and cost effective method of assembly using a cartridge-fed blind speed fastening system.

The Speed Fastening system from Avdel is very similar to a nail gun in that it enables operators to place rivets and fasteners at a rate of up to 2,000 per hour.  The system relieves the operator from handling the individual fasteners and allows uninterrupted speed fastening for the duration of the cartridge.  Reloading the tool takes only seconds.

Avdel Fasteners is recognized in the industry for their quality and reliability. Their Speed Fastening system has proven itself over several decades as a valuable option for making the most of your manufacturing resources. The system has been used in a number of industries, including aerospace, electronics, transportation, alternative energy gaming enclosuresdefense and sheet metal assembly.  When putting in rivets one at a time by hand becomes too inefficient, speed fastening could be the answer. 

The Speed Fasteners from Avdel includes:

  • Avlug®
  • Avsert®
  • Avtronic®
  • Briv®
  • Chobert®
  • Grovit®
  • Neospeed®
  • Rivscrew®
Contact Aero-Space Southwest today to arrange for a demonstration of what Speed Fastening may be able to do for your assembly process or request a quote from our customer service department.