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Alternative energy is one of the largest and fastest growing industries in the world and Aero-Space Southwest supplies cutting edge fastening technologies for alternative energy projects.  Aero-Space Southwest is franchised with over 45 electro-mechanical lines designed into power distribution, wind power, electric transportation, solar energy and backup power units for municipalities, commercial industries and residential communities.

Aero-Space Southwest has industry expertise in supporting R & D, prototype and production engineers at extrusion mills, roll formers, stampers, sheet metal houses, PV frame and enclosure OEM's, who engage in PV and CSP design-build installations.  Our teams are able to support you from inception to assembly. 

Our vast inventory of manufactured and engineered products for alternative energy applications includes:

We offer alternative energy components from industry-leading manufacturers, including:

Aero-Space Southwest supplies components for complete, top-to-bottom projects for the solar energy industry, as well as other renewable energy projects such as hydroelectric and wind turbine power. We offer the highest level of quality components from the most trusted manufacturers in the industry and provide engineering support to ensure that you will be supplied the right products for your needs.

Request a quote for assembly components for your solar energy project, or contact Aero-Space Southwest today to set up a call from an industry sales specialist, in office or on the job-site.