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Avdel fasteners & rivets




Aero-Space Southwest’s large selection of rivets and fasteners will meet the needs of just about any project. Rivets are used in many applications to secure two or more components together.  Generally rivets are easily installed in sheet type products, with access only required from one side of the assembly.  We carry not only high quality rivets in many sizes, materials and styles but we also carry installation tooling that will increase the efficiency of your production lines or project installations. 

Aero-Space Southwest supplies rivets and their installation tools from STANLEY® POP® and Avdel® fasteners.  We can ensure the perfect solution for your company through careful consideration of your project needs and the variety of POP brand rivets and Avdel breakstem rivets we carry. Our rivets and automation tools are commonly used in a wide range of applications, including defense, medical, aerospace, telecom, gaming, transportation and alternative energy, among many others.

Our vast inventory of rivets from POP and Avdel includes:

  • Countersunk rivets
  • Structural rivets
  • Multi-grip rivets
  • Pull-through rivets
  • Double flush rivets
  • Open-end rivets
  • Close-end rivets
  • Self-plugging rivets
  • Ultra grip rivets
  • Domed rivets
  • Breakstem rivets
  • High strength rivets
  • Microrivets
  • Self-Piercing rivets and more

Every rivet that Aero-Space Southwest supplies is manufactured using the highest quality materials. We offer rivets in aluminum, steel, stainless steel and on request specialty alloys. Choose from our wide selection of painted rivets, standard zinc coated rivets and rivets finished to meet high corrosion environments. Whether you require RoHS compliant countersunk rivets for your project, or are looking for a solution in the Avdel fasteners line, we can help you find an option to meet your project’s requirements.

In addition to our large rivet inventory, we also provide all the installation tooling you’ll need. We carry both hand tools and pnuematic tools for easy, high speed rivet installation. We also offer helpful engineering support to assist you in selecting the right products to meet your unique assembly applications.

Look no further than Aero-Space Southwest for any rivets your project requires. Request a quote from our customer service team, or contact us to learn more.