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Pentair Electronics Protection: Schroff® / Calmark® / Birtcher®

Calmark Card Guides

Aero-Space Southwest is pleased to be an authorized distributor for Pentair Technical Products, a manufacturer of standard and custom enclosure systems. We are proud to offer a number of Pentair’s product brands including Birtcher®, Calmark® and Schroff®.

Brand Descriptions:

Schroff® – provides standard, off-the-shelf and customer specific, integrated, enclosure solutions and front panels for open architecture bus-based applications. Complimenting the chassis products are a wide range of seismic, EMC, indoor and outside plant cabinets, desk and rack mount instrument cases. Our inventory of Schroff products include:

  • Subracks /Chassis
  • Front Panels
  • Backplanes and Test Adapters
  • Cabinets/Cases for Compact PCI, VME and TCA Application

Calmark® – provides PCB enclosures, guides, card-loks, retainers, extractors, card pullers, connector accessories, PCB handling trays and cooling products for the commercial and defense industries. Our inventory of Calmark products include:

  • Card Guides
  • Card Inserter/Extractors
  • Card-Lok Retainers
  • Card Retainers
  • Connector Accessories

Birtcher® – designs and manufactures rugged printed circuit board card guides and conduction cooled frames for use in non-benign - airborne, shipborne and rugged land-transportation and environments. Our inventory of Birtcher products includes:

  • Wedge-Lok® and  Lok-Tainer®, PCB-Tainer™,Wedge-Tainer™
  • Card Guides, Snap-Tainer
  • Injectors, Extractors and hardware
  • Conduction Cooled Keying and Assembly

At Aero-Space Southwest, we provide a diverse offering of Pentair’s quality product lines. Birtcher, Calmark and Schroff products provide reliable performance for applications across many industries.

For more information on the specifics of Pentair’s products, please visit: Pentair.

If you need design help with any of the Birtcher, Calmark, or Shroff  product lines, please contact  Aero-Space Southwest  or request a quote from Customer Service.