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FCI Connectors


FCI Connectors


Aero-Space Southwest is an authorized distributor of industry leading FCI connector products. For over 25 years, we have been proud to supply our customers with FCI connectors and components to be used in a variety of industry applications.

FCI was established in 1988 by Framatome as a way of diversifying outside the nuclear field. FCI connectors are used in a number of industries, including: Data Management, Communications, Industrial Manufacturing, Instrumentation, Medical and Automotive. As one of the top ten global suppliers of backplane connectors, wire-to-wire connectors, cable assemblies and a number of other FCI Connectors, the company guarantees high quality products and innovative solutions.

FCI’s Strategic Plan is designed to promote long-term value using five key initiatives: Customer focus, Lean Product Development, Lean Manufacturing, Supplier Development, and People Empowerment.

Aero-Space Southwest stocks a wide range of top quality FCI connectors and related products, including:

  • Backplane Connectors
  • Flex Cable and Board Connectors
  • Terminals and Contact Systems
  • Wire to Wire Connectors
  • Cable Assemblies and IO Cable Connectors
  • Fiber Optics
  • Board and Wire Connectors
  • Clinchers

At Aero-Space Southwest, we strive to provide our customers with cost effective products that deliver superior functionality. We believe that FCI connectors, whether they are back plane connectors or fiber optics, will provide the value and performance you are looking for.

For more product specific information about FCI connectors and related products, please select the following link FCI.

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