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Engineering Assistance


Aero-Space Southwest’s field sales engineers deliver industry leading support to help our customers identify and specify the correct part and components for their design opportunities. We want to be the first place you turn to with a fastening, hardware, or electronic component questions. Our customer service team has received factory training, direct from our manufacturers and they work hand in hand with our field sales engineers to ensure you get the answers you need. Aero-Space Southwest's customer service team frequently receives in-depth onsite training direct from the factory, on the products we supply. We are confident that we can help you identify solutions for your design problems and supply the correct parts you need, when you need them.

From your first prototypes to your completed designs, our field sales engineers offer hands on support.  Some of our Engineering capabilities include:

  • Part Sampling for Fit, Form and Function
  • Product Design, Review and Development
  • Prototyping
  • Tooling and Installation Methods
  • Specifications and Drawings
  • Cost Reduction through Value Added Services
  • Manufacturing Expertise and Support
Field sales engineers also offer the highest levels of electro-mechanical expertise to ensure that your design or project engineers are connected locally with factory support at the OEM and subcontractor levels.

Contact Aero-Space Southwest today to see how our engineering support team can help make your next project a success or request a quote from our customer service representatives.