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Handles / Latches



Aero-Space Southwest supplies handles and latches in a variety of sizes, materials, and styles from some of the industry’s leading manufacturers. From compression latches, that are preferred for dampening vibrations, to the multi-point latches, for exceptional sealing, we have the products you are looking for. We stock Handles and Latches for use in a wide range of industries, including aerospace, defense, medical, transportation, telecom, alternative energy and gaming applications. Aero-Space Southwest offers engineering support to help you utilize these products from prototype to final design and production.

The following are a few of the different styles of Handles and Latches we offer at Aero-Space Southwest:


  • Compression latches
  • Electronic latches
  • Rotary latches
  • Swinghandle latches
  • ¼ Turn latches
  • Draw latches
  • CAM Latches-Door/Panel
  • Multi Point Latch Systems
  • Push-to-Close Latches
  • Security Lock and Key Systems


  • Flush and Low Profile
  • Lift Handles and Concealed Pulls
  • Folding and Retracting
  • Lightweight and Grab Handles
  • Industrial to Commercial
  • Stainless, Steel, and Aluminum

Our inventory of Handles and Latches are supplied by the following manufacturers:

For all your Handles and Latches, make Aero-Space Southwest your number one choice.  Contact one of our customer service representatives for more information or request a quote, we look forward to serving your needs.  If you prefer an appointment with an industry sales specialist please call us at 1-800-289-2779, and we will meet you in your office or at your job-site.