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Aero-Space Southwest is your trusted supplier for Inserts. We offer a huge variety of inserts in many materials and in many sizes.  Some of the inserts we offer are: screw threaded inserts, tanged or tangless, free-running or screw-locking; ultrasonic/heat inserts, molded-in and press-in inserts, threaded hex, knurled and  threaded stud inserts.  Additionally we sell self-tapping inserts,  many different blind threaded inserts including, ultrasert, spred-lok and taper tuff for plastics and Eurosert, Nutsert and Hexsert for thin sheet materials.  Our inserts are all manufactured by industry leaders and they offer every style you need for your applications.  We are confident we can supply any insert to solve any application solution you may require.  Aero-Space Southwest supplies inserts and a variety of installation tools from the following leading manufacturers.

Wherever you need high quality, load bearing threads in thin materials, threaded  inserts offer the ideal solution.  These inserts are quickly and reliably installed without damage or rework to the parent material. Threaded  inserts have been proven to be a successful option for painted sheet materials and tubes where there is no blind side access.  Aero-Space Southwest carries a wide variety of threaded inserts and installation tooling providing perfect engineering results and cost effective solutions for all your applications.

STANLEY® Engineered Fastening, provides Heli-Coil inserts which offer high wearing tensil strength, low thread friction with tight tolerances and high surface quality, as well as corrosive and heat resistant properties.  STANLEY® also offers Dodge® threaded inserts for plastics, including brass inserts in a number of styles and types that suit any plastic application.   These unique inserts for plastics can be installed using virtually all methods of installation including ultrasonic welding, hot or cold press-in, mold-in, and self-threading.  PEM®/ Penn Engineering® offers the Atlas® brand of Blind Threaded inserts, additionally PEM®/Penn Engineering® offers SI®standard inserts for plastics.

Aero-Space Southwest stocks a wide range of inserts including:

  • Euro Hexsert®
  • A-K™ Series
  • R-N® Series
  • Thin Sheet Nutsert®
  • A-R™ Series
  • Heli-Coil® Tanged
  • Heli-Coil® Tangless
  • Heli-Coil® Twinsert
  • Nutsert
  • Eurosert®
  • SpinTite®
  • MaxTite®
  • Plus+Tite®
  • SI® Inserts
  • Ultrasert
  • Ultraseal
  • Spred-Lok
  • Minature
  • A-L™ Series

Contact Aero-Space Southwest, or request a quote, to help you decide which  insert  offers you the best solutions to your specific application needs.