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Speed Fasteners & more from Avdel


Aero-Space Southwest is pleased to offer our customers the innovative Avdel fasteners product line from Infastech. Infastech is a global manufacturer of engineered mechanical fasteners. Infastech offers a variety of innovative fastening technologies for many of today’s most familiar electronic, automotive, aerospace and telecommunication items. The Avdel fasteners brand has developed to include an extensive product line of rivet and blind fastening products.

Aero-Space Southwest is recognized as a leading global distributor for Infastech’s Avdel fasteners branded products.  We stock a large range of Avdel products for a wide array of manufacturing industry applications.

Since the 1930’s, Avdel has been providing faster and more efficient ways to rivet everything from laptops to aircraft with their Speed Fastening system. The product line has expanded over the years to include a variety of blind fasteners and other innovative products that are designed for “Holding Your World Together”. 

The Avdel brand encompasses several product families: Breakstem Rivets, Lockbolts, Speed Fastening, Threaded Inserts, Sealing Plugs, Self-piercing Rivet Systems, Installation and Automation Equipment.  Speed Fasteners®, are used extensively in the manufacturing of electronic chassis and PC board applications. NeoSpeed® rivets takes Avdel Speed Fastening technology to the next level; below are some of the highlights:

  • The NeoSpeed® fastening process delivers a throughput up to four times greater than traditional threaded or breakstem fasteners
  • Multi-grip capability accommodates wide variations in material thickness
  • One rivet can be used to replace several standard grip fasteners
  • External splines fill rear sheet and oversize front sheet holes
  • 3x greater hole size tolerance than standard breakstem rivets
  • Far less sensitive to application variations
  • Easier specification due to one-rivet x one mandrel solution
  • Typically half the installed weight versus an equivalent breakstem rivet

Light duty blind rivets and threaded inserts are found in nearly all manufacturing that utilizes metal assembly. Structural rivets and lockbolts are used extensively in the manufacture of ground transportation and the newly emerging wind and solar energy markets.

The Avdel fasteners product line includes many familiar names, including:

  • Briv®
  • Monobolt®
  • Nutsert®
  • Q-Rivet
  • Avex®
  • T-Rivet
  • Rivscrew®
  • Maxlock®
  • NeoSpeed®

Now a proud part of Infastech, Avdel continues to draw from over 75 years of experience to deliver innovative fastening solutions with the speed and quality that today’s manufacturers demand.

For detailed information on Avdel fasteners, please select the following link: Avdel® / S.E.F.®.

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